Appling Sevich Hair Building Fibers over thinning areas  is very easy. 

Towel or blow-dry your hair, or allow it to air-dry completely. SEVICH should be used only on dry hair. Remove the cap and position bottle over your head holding it at a 45-degree angle and at 2-3 inches above the areas to be thickened. Gently tap the fibers over your hair until the thinning areas are no longer visible and you are satisfied with the fullness and volume of your hair. 
Pat the Hair Building Fibers into Your Hair Gently pat the fiber to blend them into your natural hair. Doing this will make the Hair Building Fibers completely undetectable.For targeting small spots, you may bring the container closer to the thinning area. Shake SEVICH liberally over desired areas with the bottle opening facing completely downward. Don’t worry about any fibers falling into surrounding hair, they will simply disappear.

SEVICH is totally compatible with hair growth drugs like Minoxidil and Propecia. It's great for both men and women. From the very first application, people will admire the difference of your fuller hair. New acquaintances will never suspect that you ever had a hair loss problem. SEVICH will change the way you feel about yourself every time you look in the mirror.

Just  For a longer lasting hold please use Sevich holding spray.

Please know that Sevich Hair Fibers will wash out very easily with shampoo.