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Sevich Hair Fiber Holding Spray

$9.95 $15.95
  • Sevich Hair Fiber hold spray is a fine mist that further strengthens the bond between hair building fibers and fine or thinning hair. Spray on fiber hold spray after using any other hair building fibers for a secure, long-lasting hold
  • And provides UV protection to hair. Ph balanced formula keeps hair healthy and shiny. Anti hair loss 100% natural keratin hair building fiber spray cover thinning hair for longer by applying the fiber hold spray after your hair fibers to strengthen the hold for longer-lasting results
  • Hair may be brushed lightly after drying for a softer look. Formulated with panthenol and natural plant extracts to hydrate and strengthen hair. Provides UV protection to hair
  • Ph balanced formula keeps hair healthy and shiny. Features: No side effects. Easy to use. Easy to handle. Looks very naturally fiber hold spray for hair building fibers, hair fiber locking hair spray (100 ml)

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